Aitchison Group


ECE 110 – Electrical Fundamentals

(Undergraduate-level course)

The course gives students an introduction to  the physics of electricity and magnetism, DC circuit analysis, the elements of time domain and frequency domain analysis of AC circuits, RC and RL circuits, and the elements of electromechanics.

ECE 1467 – Integrated Optical Circuit Design

(Graduate-level course)

The aim of this course is to equip students with the skills required to design waveguide based optical circuits. The course presents an introduction to 1D and 2D waveguides, Bends, Y-junctions and tapers. Students also learn about basic circuit elements such as the directional coupler, multimode interference coupler and arrayed waveguide grating. We also consider new approaches to integrated optical circuits based on photonic crystals, high refractive index contrast waveguides and surface plasmons. Finally we discuss integration strategies based on monolithic and hybrid integration.