Aitchison Group

Alumni from the University of Toronto

Postdoctoral Researchers

Xilong Yuan "Lab-on-a-chip, biosensing"

Xiao Sun "Plasmonics, silicon photonics"

Muhammad Alam "Plasmonics, integrated optics"

Farshid Bahrami "Plasmonics, optical biosensors"

Lu Chen "Development of microfluidic HIV sensing chips"

Ksenia Dolgaleva "Optical pulse shaping"

Sean Wagner "Short range communication systems based on AlGaAs integrated devices"

Igor Melnikov "Nonlinear Periodic Structures"

Sonia Garcia Blanco "E-beam writing of waveguides for integrated optics"

Arkady Major "Characterization of the dispersion of the nonlinear index of refraction in inorganic crystals"

Roberto Morandotti "Discrete spatial solitons"

Suc Kwong "Energy transfer in quantum dots"


Ph.D. Students

Zhongfa Liao, 2018
Thesis Title "Vertical Integration of Optical Waveguides in AlGaAs/GaAs Semiconductors"

Xiao Sun, 2017
Thesis Title "Augmented Low Index Guiding and Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides: Properties and Applications for On-chip Polarization Management"

Arnab Dewanjee, 2017
Thesis Title "Efficient Light Coupling Techniques for Integrated Photonics"

James Dou, 2017
Thesis Title "A Miniaturized Microfluidic Cytometer Platform for Point-of-Care Blood Testing Applications"

Pisek Kultavewuti, 2016
Thesis Title "Integrated Sources of Polarization Entangled Photon Pair States via Spontaneous Four-Wave Mixing in AlGaAs Waveguides"

Scott Genin, 2016
Thesis Title "Design of Algal Film Photobioreactors for Algal Biomass Production"

Arash Joushaghani, 2014
Thesis Title "Micro- and nano-scale optoelectronic devices using vanadium dioxide"

Peyman Sarrafi, 2014
Thesis Title "Nonlinear periodic structures: From classical to quantum devices"

Farshid Bahrami, 2014
Thesis Title "Multimode Spectroscopy for self-referenced plasmonic biosensing"

Stephen Ho, 2013
Thesis Title "Femtoseond laser fabrication techniques"

Luis A. Fernandes, 2012
Thesis Title "Birefringence and Bragg grating control in femtosecond laser written optical circuits "

Muhammad Alam,  2012
Thesis Title "Hybrid plasmonic waveguides: Theory and applications"

Michelle (Yu-chen) Xu, 2011
Thesis Title "Interface plasmon polariton waveguides and sensors"

Sean Wagner, 2011
Thesis Title "Wavelength conversion in domain-disordered quasi-phase matching superlattice waveguides"

Mark Stephen Wheeler, 2010
Thesis Title "A scattering-based approach to the design, analysis, and experimental verification of magnetic metamaterials made from dielectrics"

Scott Beland Kuntze, 2009
Thesis Title "Controlling semiconductor optical amplifiers for robust integrated photonic signal processing"

Rajiv Iyer, 2008
Thesis Title "Planar lightwave circuits employing coupled waveguides in aluminum gallium arsenide"

Clark Merchant, 2008
Thesis Title "Fabrication and characterization of waveguides in potassium gadolinium tungstate"

Aaron Zilkie, 2007
Thesis Title "High-speed properties of 1.55 micron wavelength quantum dot semiconductor amplifiers and comparison with higher dimensional structures

Van Vekris, 2007
Thesis Title "Intrinsic and extrinsic defects in colloidal photonic crystal films"


M.A.Sc. Thesis students

Todd Darcie, 2020
Thesis Title "Hybrid Silicon-Organic Augmented Low Index Guiding Waveguides for Nonlinear Optics"

Kym Derrick Uy, 2019
Thesis Title "Algal Analysis Through a Chip-Based Flow Cytometer"

Srishti Garg, 2019
Thesis Title "A Multiplexed, Point-of-Care Detection System for Dengue"

Kyle Johnson, 2019
Thesis Title "A Full-Vectorial Theory of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Effects in Aluminum Gallium Arsenide Waveguides"

Kyle Johnson, 2019
Thesis Title "A Full-Vectorial Theory of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Effects in Aluminum Gallium Arsenide Waveguides"

Hannah Mundel, 2018
Thesis Title "Plasmonic Sensor using Double-Layered Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Microgels for Multiplexed Detection"

Kevin De Hann, 2017
Thesis Title "Point-of-Care Detection System for Multiplexed Bead-Based Assays"

Kevin Joseph, 2017
Thesis Title "Femtosecond Laser Direct-Write of Optofluidic Lab in Fiber through Polymer-Coated Optical Fibers"

Suthamathy Sathananthan, 2014
Thesis Title "Design and fabrication of micro-structured surfaces for algal biofilm and human cell migration studies"

Nick Carriere,  2013
Thesis Title "Design, fabrication, and testing of an integrated optical hydrogen and temperature sensor"

Jianxiong Wu,  2013
Thesis Title "Harmonic oscillations in optical waveguide arrays"

Mariya Yagnyukova,  2013
Thesis Title "Modeling, fabrication, and characterization of a Bragg slot waveguide with a cavity"

Pisek Kultavewuti, 2012   
Thesis Title "Pulse shaping based on integrated waveguide gratings"

Xiao Sun, 2012   
Thesis Title "Hybrid plasmonic waveguides and devices: Theory, modeling and experimental demonstration"

Wing-Chau Ng, 2011
Thesis Title "All-optical wavelength conversion in aluminum gallium arsenide at telecommunications wavelengths"

Arash Joushaghani, 2011
Thesis Title "Light localization in coupled optical waveguides"

Iliya Sigal, 2010
Thesis Title "Three Wave Mixing in Periodically Quantum-well-intermixed GaAs:AlGaAs Superlattices: Modeling, Optimization, and Parametric Generation"

Roger D'Abreo, 2009
Thesis Title "Development of monolithically integrated photonic devices through simulation and characterization"

James Dou, 2007
Thesis Title "Microfabrication of radiation-pressure based devices for single cell manipulation"

Sean Wagner, 2006
Thesis Title "The nonlinear optical properties of GaAs/AlAs superlattice-core waveguides at telecommunication wavelengths"

Kevin Vora, 2006
Thesis Title "Surface plasmon waveguides"

Stephen Ho. 2005
Thesis Title "F2-laser microfabrication of Lab-on-a-chip structures"

Matt Wronski, 2005
Thesis Title "Fluorine and ultrafast laser fabrication of an optofluidic capillary electrophoresis biochip"

Aaron Zilkie, 2004
Thesis Title "Nonlinear optical properties of Al-quaternary semiconductor optical amplifiers"

Michael Strain, 2004
Thesis Title "Design and testing of a FDTD system in cylindrical coordinates for the characterization of a novel fiber"

Tim Ka Lung Wong, 2004 
Thesis Title "Optical Signal Processing using Nonlinear Periodic Structures: study of resonant temporal response"

Bertram Leesti, 2004
Thesis Title "Cross-gain modulation and four-wave mixing with picosecond pulses in a quantum-dash waveguide"

Stephen O'Loughlin, 2004
Thesis Title "Tight-bend structures in AlGaAs microring resonators"

Shane Daniel, 2004
Thesis Title "Simulations of Quantum dot based all-optical switching elements"

Adrian Schauer, 2003
Thesis Title "Interaction of Spatial Solitons in AlGaAs Waveguides"

M.Eng students from University of Glasgow who visited University of Toronto

Kirsty Walls, 2009
Thesis Title "PECVD deposition and etching of silicon nitride films for high index waveguides"

Robert Crawford, 2005
Thesis Title: "Two-photon absorption in semiconductor optical amplifiers"

RPaul Black, 2004
Thesis Title: "Electro absoption modulators"

Jenny McGeough, 2004
Thesis Title "Design of micro ring resonators"

Ben Davidson, 2003
Thesis Title "Refractive index of Al quaternary semiconductors"

Alumni from the University of Glasgow

Ph.D. students

John Bebbington, 1993
Thesis title "Rare earth doped silica for integrated optical waveguide lasers and amplifiers"

Jim Bonar, 1995
Thesis title "Waveguide lasers in rare earth doped planar silica"

Craig Hamilton, 1995
Thesis title "Novel structures and fabrication techniques for the observation of solitons in AlGaAs"

Michael Street, 1997
Thesis Title " Quantum well intermixing for the control of second order non-linear effects in GaAs/AlGaAs asymmetric quantum well waveguides"

Patricia Millar, 1997
Thesis Title "Nonlinear propagation in periodic microstructures"

Amr Saher Helmy, 1998
Thesis Title "Kinetics, technology and characterization of impurity-free vacancy disordering for photonic devices in GaAs - AlGaAs"

Dan Ortega, 1998
Thesis Title "Periodic segmented waveguides in Ti:LiNbO3"

Andrew McLaughlin, 1998
Thesis title "Planar silica optical switching devices"

Marcos. Vermelho, 1999
Thesis Title "A study on feasibility of a silica-on-silicon blue up-conversion laser fabricated by flame hydrolysis deposition"

Roberto Morandotti, 1999
Thesis Title "Discrete Spatial Solitons"

Jesus Ruano Lopez, 1999
Thesis Title "Optical devices of biochemical sensing in flame hydrolysis deposited glass"

Paulo da Silva Marques Ph.D.(Universidade do Porto)
Thesis Title "Silica-on-silicon integrated optics by Flame Hydrolysis Deposition"

Valentin Loyo-Maldonado, 2002
Thesis Title "Optical rectification in semiconductor waveguides"

Todd Kleckner, 2002
Thesis Title "Quasi-phase-matches nonlinear frequency conversion in periodically disordered GaAs/AlAs superlattice-core waveguides"

Sonia Garcia Blanco, 2003
Thesis Title "Electron-beam modification of silica for integrated optics"

Alison Cleary, 2005
Thesis Title "Integrated optical technologies for analytical sensing"