Ultrafast and ultraviolet laser micromachining lab

Lab Location:SF 4201

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The UV laser is a 157-nm F2 excimer laser and represents the worlds most advanced system for record short wavelength laser micromachining of transparent materials. Patterned masks and a Schwarzschild lens provide sub-micron precision and flexible fabrication of complex photonics designs through a computer-controlled, three-axis motion stage. Applications of F2 laser processing include microchannels on glass and polymer substrates for biophotonic labs on a chip and multilevel diffractive optic elements. Whereas the F2 laser provides material interaction through linear absorption due its short wavelength, ultrafast lasers rely on their ultrashort pulse duration (~100 fs) to drive high peak intensities (~1013 W/cm2) to drive nonlinear absorption in transparent materials such as glasses, polymers and crystals. Ultrafast laser materials processing offers advantages such as 3D patterning, faster processing time and application to a wider variety of substrates.