O. Levi , Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (Jerusalem College of Technology)
M.Sc. (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Ph.D. (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Office: RS408
Tel: 416-946-5373

Fax: 416-971-3020

Email: ofer.levi@utoronto.ca

Brief Research Description

Our research interests include developing biomedical imaging systems and optical bio-sensors based on semiconductor devices and nano-structures, and their application to bio-medical diagnostics, in vivo imaging, and study of bio-molecular interactions. The goal of our work is to integrate sensor components into miniature functional bio-sensors and apply them to novel biology and bio-medical applications. As such, our research is interdisciplinary and include semiconductor device physics, optics, micro- and nano-fabrication, chemistry and applications in biomedical diagnostics, cancer studies and neurobiology.