Herman Group

Welcome to Prof. Peter R. Herman's Group

Our research group studies and develops novel laser processing technology for defining photonic devices, optical circuits, microfluidic and other nanostructures. The laser enables fabrication in novel two- and three-dimensional architectures to be explored in optical materials for broad impact in today's optical communication networks and lab-on-a-chip microsystems.


New Publication:

L. Yuan and P. R. Herman, “Laser scanning holographic lithography for flexible 3D fabrication of multi-scale integrated nano-structures and optical biosensors”, Scientific Reports, 6, 22294 (2016).

New Publication:

J. C. Ng, L. Qian, and P. R. Herman, “Thermal poling of femtosecond laser-written waveguides in fused silica”, Optics Letters, 41(5), 1022-1025 (2016).